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Mythos & Logos

        Welcome to the official page for my second book: "Mythos & Logos", which is a work of philosophy to establish the secular worldview I propose. I'm writing it to be in straightforward language, without unnecessary and confusing jargon, so that it's easily approachable for everyone. I also layout the arguments for the positions I propose in a categorical logical form, starting with specified premises, and making specified inferences, to arrive at specified conclusions. In this manner, each proposed position to the various questions within each of the core, foundational, fields of philosophical inquiry is made clearly and with methodical scrutiny. 

        There are five foundational fields of inquiry which I address as the “core” of what makes up the philosophy I propose. These five fields are: Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of the Mind, Philosophy of Logic and of Science, and Moral Philosophy. It should be noted, first, that “Metaphysics” is a philosophical field, not to be confused with the pseudoscience hippie mysticism. Metaphysics is a field that focuses on the nature of existence, asking “What exists?” and “What things can be said of that which exists?” I treat Epistemology in the same chapter as I do Metaphysics because I believe they necessarily must be dealt with together. While Metaphysics deals with the nature of existence, Epistemology deals with the nature of knowledge and understanding.

        I deal with Epistemology and Metaphysics first, in establishing the model I propose as a secular worldview, because I believe they are the primary concerns – considering the two deal with that from which all other philosophy must follow and cannot precede. That is to say, before we can deal with philosophies on the mind, morality, logic or science, etc. we must first deal with what exists, how we know it exists, and what is the nature of reality. Further, my goal is to create a singular cohesive and comprehensive secular worldview, rather than trying to stick together different philosophical models that may arise from quite different presumptions. I attempt in "Mythos & Logos" to build each philosophical component upon the previously established components in a logical fashion. Thus, I argue on philosophy of the mind by building upon the conclusions arrived at in dealing with Epistemology and Metaphysics. Following that argumentation on philosophy of the mind I use those conclusions and inferences to move forward in arguing on philosophy of logic and philosophy of science.

        I also offer critical examinations of both secular and religious philosophies. The analysis covers many of the more popular models on both sides of the supernatural divide – secular and religious philosophies. In the analyses I explain the strengths and the weaknesses of each, and why despite the great strengths of the best ones they still fall short. There is further discussion in a following chapter, which precedes the chapters in which I make the arguments, where I discuss the the reasons for and the value of creating a new philosophical model. And further, in that chapter there's discussion on how it must be done.

        In the final section there are laid out the derived principles which follow from the conclusions and established positions in the five foundational fields. These derived principles are a large set of expansions, of which the acceptance or rejection do not necessarily undermine the established model. The derived principles include positions on love, life, relationships, work, aesthetics, pleasure, and more.

        This book is also meant to be a companion for "To Make a Better World", though the first can be taken separately from this book. If one applies the philosophy I've laid out in "Mythos & Logos", then "To Make a Better World" lays out what is necessarily accepted as well. On the other hand, one can use what I've discussed in my first book without accepting the philosophy in my second book. As this book moves closer to being ready to publish there will be some excerpts and teasers posted on this page.

Publication  Information:

This book is currently being written,

with publication anticipated for summer of 2016.

ISBN-10: not yet published
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